Video Wall

Magic offers the sale and maintenance of computers and external computers. The company also offers its customers, a timeline over several years, which proves the quality of our electronic devices. More help with maintenance and shipment of our machines, the fastest time in the highest quality.

Magic Video Wall Components:

The video wall device consists of a number of computer screens that are placed next to each other, or TV sets that are tiled together to form one display screen for a stunning and stunning display. The video wall includes typical display techniques such as:

Magic provides its customers with a team of highly trained technicians to install their video wall equipment in the fastest time in a variety of ways.


● The video wall can be installed on the screens of your old devices, or on video display screens.
● You can also use the video wall in your workplace, or through a cloud connection.
● A standard computer configured with video wall software can act as a video wall controller, here the public displays are connected via the local IP network that are designed with virtually any HDML-compliant display such as LED or LCD monitors.
● The video projector can also be powered by connecting smart displays via the cloud and no additional hardware is required on site to display it, the cloud here uses the built-in cloud SoC and smart display to configure the video wall.

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