Audio Video Intercom System

Intercommunication device, talkback or door phone is a stand-alone The audio and video intercom system provides a great deal of security for people, as you can hear and see any person or vehicle before allowing them to enter your area or your home. However, the brands of the communication system in the market vary between good and bad, and the inexperienced eye may not be able to distinguish between them. Therefore, Magic Electronic Devices has provided the best audio and video intercom system to its customers from the best brands of audio and video intercom systems, which provide clear sound and a strong communication system that provides great quality of performance and a great deal of security. Magic Electronic Devices also provided the best audio intercom device with a warranty certificate for several years, which proves the quality of the product.small collection of buildings, functioning independently of the public telephone network.

Audio Video Intercom System

The system also operates independently of the telephone network, and the device has a large number of advantages that it offers to its customers, which are as follows:

● Audio and video intercom system can be installed in most buildings to give controlled access to visitors.
● Audio and video can also be sent from the device through the Internet protocol to a computer, mobile phones, or anything connected to the Internet.
● You can also restrict the right to enter and exit the building according to a date and a schedule.
● Also, with the audio and video intercom system, you can set up messages to answer calls and forward them back to the person.
● Modern voice intercom systems do not need a land line tied to them to receive the call, as there is a mobile phone that can be used from anywhere, which can be spoken from, and instructions sent to the entrance to allow visitors to enter.
● The device also provides great flexibility in working to adapt according to the client’s needs.
● In addition, audio and video systems allow verifiable control of both vehicles and pedestrians entering the site.
● It is also possible through the device to specify access to certain rooms according to the customer’s desire.
● The intercom system also includes a video camera that allows visitors to see and hear their voices.
● The system also provides cloud-based remote unlocking and integration with building management systems, artificial intelligence, and facial recognition technologies.
● AI Call Forwarding with Intelligent Voice Recognition.


It also provided them with the best original spare parts with the longest warranty period, allowing them to replace any part of the device at any time without fear of reducing its efficiency, such as:

● High quality speakers and sound sensitivity.
● Walkie-talkies.
● Phones and intercom systems to control the device.
● Signal lights.
● Door locks.
● Access control reader and intercom with doorbell in one device.
● High definition video camera capable of capturing images in high definition (HD).
● Remote unlock.
● A door entry reader that is installed at the point of entry.
● Image Recorder Allows visitors to be captured by a video management system for verification or in the event of an accident or security breach.
● A display looks like a laptop screen or a dedicated display unit that enables users to respond to access requests, display real-time video to visitors, and speak to them.
● New cabling to supply main power to the video intercom entry panel, and some systems, such as Openpath’s Video Intercom Reader Pro, use Power-over-Ethernet as their source.

Characteristics of the best audio and video intercom system from Magic:

In addition to the advantages of the audio and video intercom system from Maggi, the company used its engineering experts to choose the best brands of the device that have the largest number of characteristics that provide more convenience to customers, which are as follows:

● Openpath provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to create an intelligent routing system that connects visitors to reception directly.

● Video intercom doorbell or video intercom door release system provides one-way or two-way visual communication.

● In the one-way video intercom system, a picture of visitors can be seen.

● While the indoor video camera and two-way video systems enable the resident and visitor to see each other.

● The systems also contain a screen in the base station equipped with a camera to display its image to the visitor.

● Includes colleges to provide visitors with “virtual keys” such as programmable PINs or QR codes that allow visitors one-time access.

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