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Types Computers Information Technology Printers:

● Impact printers in which the substrate is physically hit, and non-impact printers.

● Dot matrix printers contain a number of pins on the print head that appear to form a profile.

● Non-impact printers It is divided into three main categories, including laser printers, which use a laser beam to attract ink to an area of paper.

● There are also inkjet printers that spray liquid ink.

● Thermal printers that transfer wax-based ink, or use hot staples to print an image directly onto treated paper.

● There are also 3D printers that create a physical object from a digital file, working by adding layer upon layer of material until the print job is complete and the object is complete.

Advantages of computer information technology printers from Magic:

● We also provide the longest warranty period for it, with original spare parts that guarantee the efficiency of the device for the longest possible period, and its mission is to accept text files or images from the computer and print them directly on paper or film.

● Printers are also very accurate in performing their tasks.

● It is also characterized by the speed of printing pages per minute.

● It contains color printing technology.

● It also has a cache memory.

Computers Information Technology Printers​







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