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The lighting control device is one of the unique solutions for lighting control in a simultaneous way, as it gives the customer more luxury. The lighting control device also includes a connection between lighting equipment and control systems, which saves you a lot of money instead of wasted energy.

Features of a lighting control device from Magic:

The UAE Magic store provides the best smart lighting control device to its customers from the most expensive international brands, which includes all the official papers proving its quality.

● When you are out of town, you can set up a schedule to turn on and off the smart lights in your home during the times they are used, making it difficult for thieves to break into your home.

● You can also turn the lights on when you get home, or automatically when you enter a room.

● You can also customize the use of lighting according to the space.

● Automatic lighting can also improve the interior appearance of a room.

● Automated lighting can make you more energy efficient, using lights and light levels only when necessary.

● The device also contributes to reducing your energy use, which reduces the value of your electricity bills.

● You can also integrate smart lighting with other automated systems to get more luxury.

● And one of the most important features of smart lighting is the ability to control the color of the lamp with the remote control, where you can choose the warmer lighting or choose the cooler lighting and turn it on.

● You can also turn your room into a cooler color, green or purple according to your desire.

● Lighting control systems are also very important for people who suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders, as they help them fall asleep.

● You can also perform a set of routines on the smart lighting controller, in terms of changing the temperature of the lamp as your bedtime approaches.

● As recent scientific studies have shown that blue light alerts our brain to stay awake for a longer period, while turning the lights to a warmer color at bedtime contributes to falling asleep more quickly.

● You can also create your daily routine through the lighting controller, as you can direct the smart lights in your bathroom and kitchen to turn on at 7:00 in the morning when you wake up.

● You can also set the time to turn off all the lights when you go to sleep or when you leave for work without turning them off again.

● Likewise, when the Wi-Fi service is interrupted, the lighting control device will still work for you, but it will work normally and can be turned on and off using the lighting switch, and it will turn to its main color and normal temperature by default.

They involve communication between the lighting equipment and a central control system that can be adjusted and monitored


The Magic lighting control device enables the homeowner to manage the lighting in his home however he wants from a distance. Some may think that this matter is limited to not having to get up to turn off the bedroom and that it is only limited to voice commands, but the features of the device surpassed that in stages

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